Do I have to order the day before?

You just fill in the reservation column and you can come directly to our place by showing the reservation that you have filled

When is the good time to fly paragliding?

The best time to fly paragliding is between 1 o’clock to 4 o’clock, because this activity is very dependent on the weather in this case the wind speed, usually the best time is between these hours.

Why is the Uluwatu Site more expensive than the Sawangan site?

Because for Uluwatu site there is a slight difference in the level of difficulty with Sawangan site and for Uluwatu site you will fly twice as high as the Sawangan site, the view at Uluwatu is also better than the Sawangan site and if you are very lucky you can fly at sunset

Is this activity safe?

We are accompanied by pilots who are very experienced in paragliding. Some of them are national paragliding athletes and have gained national and even world achievements and some are paragliding instructors who have created many national athletes and in us your safety is our main factor and for convince you if something happens that we don’t want, you are also protected by a well-known insurance that reaches many countries for insurance claims.

Do we have to wear special clothes to do this activity?

It doesn’t have to be, you just need to wear casual clothes that easy to wear and most importantly, you most wear sports shoes.

Do you accept credit card payments and are there additional fees for that?

Yes we accept payments with any credit card of your bank and we do not charge extra for that, for credit cards we have to change the value of the currency to rupiah because our machine only accepts the nominal currency of rupiah and for the exchange rate we specify the rate on that day .

How about photos and videos?

Photos and videos are included in your price, later we will move directly to your mobile so you can see immediately and if you have social media you can share with your social media friends, all you have to do is make sure there is sufficient internal storage to save all photos and videos, we need 7GB of storage memory and if you don’t have enough storage, don’t worry we will give you an SD card for free.

Is there an age limit for doing this activity?

our age limit for tandem is 10 years old and also according to the child’s weight, if the weight is less and the age below can be done “paragliding tridem” so the father or mother will take his child, and we are expert to do it, and return for safety reasons for certain winds we don’t do it.

Are there other restrictions that limit this activity?

For restrictions or prohibitions on not doing this activity, among others, women who are pregnant are not allowed to do this activity, elderly parents have heart disease and we forbid to do this activity because this activity is very adrenaline rush.