Sawangan Site.

We Fly from this site from Mei to Oktober

  • Tandem paragliding flights are mostly done from Sawangan Cliff Nusa Dua
  • Tandem paragliding flights generally 15 minutes tandem flying with our professional pilots
  • Its such a journey for your holiday
  • You can see different of beautiful bali from the sky
  • We will give you amazing experience you will not forgotten

Paragliding In-Flying Photography & Video

  • You will be equipped with a wide angle digital camera that is mounted on an extendable monopod
  • During your tandem flying your wide angle digital camera will capture
  • Not only the breathtaking views but your smile as well automaticly
  • After the flying will transfer directly all your photo and video to your mobile phone

Sawangan Site

Mei - October
1.200.000 /Person (Foreigners)
  • Rp 850.000 (Indonesia Resident)
  • 15 Minutes Flying Tandem
  • Video Documentation with GoPro
  • Insurance Coverage